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5 Economy Flourishing Sectors Higher Education The region is home to a vast array of eight colleges and universities including two law schools two medical schools and a world renowned university. Although not a true cluster the education sector is a main economic driver producing a well-educated workforce while employing over 30000 people and having a total economic impact of over 1.5 billion. Yale University is the regions second largest employer. Healthcare The healthcare industry is one of the strongest in the region being one of two industry sectors that increased employment over the last two years. The region is home to Yale-New Haven Health System the 4th largest hospital system in the nation and is driven through innovation and research. In 2014 YNHHS had 78529 inpatient discharges 1.2 million outpatient encounters and employed over 12000 people making it the largest employer in the region. Advanced Materials Manufacturing The region built upon a strong manufacturing base abounds with small manufacturers utilizing highly- skilled workers to produce precision high value-added products. With a high concentration of employees compared to the nation of particular strength in the region is primary and fabricated metal manufacturing electrical equipment and electronic component manufacturing and medical device manufacturing. The advanced materials cluster is one of the strongest performers in the region with overlap into other industry sectors directly associated with the strength of the manufacturing and healthcare industries. BiomedicalLife Sciences With nearly 105000 employees working in this industry cluster including healthcare workers it is one of the strongest in the region. With world class institutional and academic assets to leverage this region has become a focus of biomedical expertise and development. Recent venture investments in bioscience include Koltan Pharmaceuticals - 60M Oncology Melinta Therapeutics - 67M Antibiotics Arvinas 40M Cancer pro- inflammatory autoimmune diseases 4Catazlyer - 80M Genomic medicine. In 2015 Mt. Sinai Icahn School of Medicine opened a facility in Branford. This genome sequencing laboratory anticipates handling over 50000 samples in 2016. Arts Entertainment Tourism The South Central region serves as the creative capital of Connecticut boasting world-class theater and museums extraordinary artistic design and creative talent and natural and cultural attractions in every town. Technology The technology sector is finding its feet in Greater New Haven. A homegrown tech company SeeClickFix is a communications platform for citizens to report non-emergency issues and governments to track manage and reply--ultimately making communities better through transparency collaboration and cooperation. The technology has been implemented in cities throughout the U.S. and the world. Milford Connecticut 203.877.2786 founded by the sisters of mercy LauraltonHall Empowering Women for Life 5