Key Industries | Business & Financial Services

The professional services cluster has been newly identified as a focus area in this update. The Business & Professional Services cluster includes all accounting, auditing, bookkeeping, and tax filing services; credit reporting and collection services; holding companies; and investment offices (not including banks or brokers). Additional business services included are in real estate leasing and operations, advertising services, photography, and employment and temporary help agencies. Professional services include legal, engineering, architectural and surveying, commercial training, management consulting, research, public relations, and business consulting. While these are the broad areas of the cluster, when broken down into sub-sectors the scientific and technical services are one of the top 5 sub-sectors in the region by employment. The architectural services sub-sector is also a burgeoning community anchored by the Yale School of Architecture, whose faculty and graduates continue to leave their mark on cityscapes worldwide. There are nearly 75 architectural firms doing business in New Haven alone, an industry employing nearly 500 people and exporting work worldwide.